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Stephania Tsotras

Intern Osteopath

Stephania's journey to finding her passion in Osteopathy is quite extensive and long winded. From starting her career in the performing arts to working as a Physiotherapy Assistant among aged-care facilities, she was introduced to Osteopathy by chance. 


While pregnant with her daughter, she experienced extreme lower back pain and struggled from the constant demand on her body. Osteopathy was the only treatment that helped her during this time which sparked her passion further.


The holistic nature of Osteopathy provides us with an understanding of how the whole body can work together to achieve optimal performance. Stephania thrives from ensuring her patients achieve their optimal performance from lower back and neck complaints of the daily grind to body changes throughout pregnancy. 


Outside of Osteopathy, Stephania enjoys to spend her time with her gorgeous daughter as well as continuing her career in the performing arts.